Leak detection and repair

Long Island City Plumbing services specialize in the design and manufacture of water leak detection systems and environmental alarms. Over many years we have supplied many leak detection systems, a significant number of which have been systems to detect water and oil leaks in across whole complexes of buildings.

We are one of the very few companies offering full in-house leak detection design, manufacture, and installation and commissioning services.

Long Island City Plumbing services designs, manufactures and supplies off the shelf and custom-built alarm systems to monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental critical. We also stock multipurpose alarms, enunciator panels, and automatic telephone dialing units, all designed to provide total monitoring for technical areas such as computer rooms and server rooms.

We also design, manufacture and supply small domestic water leak detectors and water control products, including remotely powered water shutdown systems. The water control range also includes larger industrial water-leakage detection systems complete with solenoid water-valve control for immediate shutoff when leaking water is detected.
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